shopping book 2



brand:mass fashion

target:Stradivarius reflects a youthful outlook on fashion, bringing the very latest designs, fabrics and accessories to its customers.

The Stradivarius collections are aimed at young women aged between 15 and 30 who want to wear the very latest in fashion, choosing what they like from each trend and combining it to create their own unique style.

style/identity:the style is bohemian chic.The Stradivarius spirit is feminine, fresh and creative. Stradivarius is the dream and fantasy of a real world, which seeks to enchant its clientele through its designs.

range:it pays great attention to particulars in fabrics,patterns and  designs.the quality is really good.

prices:shirts from 75-200drhs,trouser/denim from95-200drhs,dresses from 180-250drhs,shoes/accessories/bags from 20-400drhs.

pros:beautifull,trendy,affordable clothing.

cons:somethings has sewing errors 







brand:mass fashion

target:Bershka’s public is characterized by adventurous young people, who are aware of the latest trends and are interested in music, social networks and new technologies.Bershka is usually associated with a youngish audience but it also allows the world traveller to sport diverse trends without breaking the bank.

style:the clothes is the eclectic mix of materials and styles that can fit in with many different personalities and suit various occasions.

range:the quality comprises from good to okay.

prices:shirts 75-200drhs,dresses 100-300drhs,jeans/trousers 100-250drhs,skirts 75-150drhs,shoes/accessories/bags 20-350drhs

pros:affordable trendy clothing

cons,the quality isn’t always good






brand:high street/mass fashion

target:Topshop appeals to students, professionals, fashion taste makers and high profile A-List stars alike,from their teens to fiftys.

style:Topshop and Topman sell a range of cloths, from casual jeans and trainers to dresses and going out gear. Also they have opened up a Kate Moss section that sells Chiffon dresses, leather jackets, printed blouses and note-perfect denim.

range:good quality clothes

price:shirts/tops 10-100pounds,dresses and skirts 50-200 pounds,denim/trousers/pants50-200pounds,accessories/bags 20-200pounds.the price is good for the quality they provide.

pros:trendy,hip clothes.

cons:can’t really find any.





name:river island

brand:high street

target: River Island is among the high street fashion chains, selling a very broad range of stylish but low-priced clothing, targeting middle-market men and women in the 18-30 age range.

style:trendy,street,urban and day to day outfits with a touch of class.

range:good quality affordable clothing.

price:skirts/tops 8-60pounds,dresses/skirts22-250pounds,trousers/jeans/jumpsuits10-200pounds,bags/shoes/accessories:10-250pounds. good price for the clothing and accessories.

pros:hip,trendy,urban affordable clothes.

cons:some clothes don’t last long,they easily rip or stretch.




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