skirt data base press review


Bubble skirt:circle skirt gathered from the bottom attached to the lining,giving it a bubbled shape or shaped already like a banana “(‘ shaped. teenagers would mostly wear it. fabrics used are crispy or stiff fabric(generally synthetic) example,taffeta,polyester satin,nylon Image ImageImage

Denim skirt:fabric and stithies are the same,double toped stitches with rivets or ample top stitch at hem,fly,double stop stitches and at middle back,theyhaveoops,2 in front and 3 and in the back.



denim skirt-2 Denim-Skirts





Mini,Maxi,Midi: mini is at the thigh and micro mini at the butt,micros are either pleated to straight,and mini can have any shape. Midi stops at the knew or below and maxi at the knee.any type of fabric can be used for all three type of skirts.   ImageImage


micro mini


pleated micro mini

Pencil:variation of the straight skirt only the bottom is narrower,they are high waisted,shorter in front and longer in the back. fabric used are stretchy e.g,jersey,denim e.t.c has to be a bit thick. sap and weft,always invisible hem,lining for twill or uncomfortable textures.   ImageImage

Straight skirts:they are straight completely from hip to bottom.fabric s used are suiting,twill,denim,garbadine. it usually has lining mostly pollster satin. ImageImage

Jersey: for jerseys no need for darts except its very thick,visible hem for thick jerseys or double top stitch hem for light jersey.zippers for very thick fabrics. more formal clothes are made with thick fabrics.   ImageImageImage

Circle skirts: when open on a table it forms a circle,could be any proportion and any fabric and length depending on who wars it.topstitched at 1cm.       ImageImageImage

Asymmetrical:could be anything,long,short,any fabric, a more casual skirt.



peplum:straight or pencil skirt with a shorter flair skirt on top,an be on any side of the skirt made out of stiff fabric,depends on proportions and finishing for the age of wearer.for girls elastic waist band and for adults better finishings and longer length.







wrap skirt:wrapped around the body closing from left to right,except for denim and sports wear.any fabric and proportion could be used,could be tied,or a button or zip used.








Pleated:skirts with peats.could be any proportion or length.types are knife,box,accordion pleats. for box pleats,crispy fabrics are used and top stitched. for accordion pleats,generally polyester,nylon because it keeps the pleats.






Spanish skirts:long,short and can be layered. “lambada”are the short ones.





Mermaid:really fit at the top and larger or wider at the end,generally long but can be shirt too. generally has a seem at the start of the mermaid. Tutu or ballerina:circle skirt made out of tulle,can be used with see through fabric(crepe)sometimes layered or not.





Sheath:very tight skirt or fit skirt,midi length or maxi. needs darts,zippers and slits. fabrics used are lester,latex,jersey,anything with elastane,denim and gabardine. top stitched or invisible den,generally high waits.






Kilt:its plaid and pleated,top stitched,can be wrapped,(button or tied)closing with zippers and hook,usually wool(more winter fabrics) Hobble skirt:bubble an straight at the bottom,made out of taffeta. Flared:made with stiffer fabric,thicker than flawy,the longer it is the crispier is has to be.




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